When someone you love passes, the emotions you can experience may seem like they will never subside. Avita Home Health & Hospice wants you to know that the feelings are normal and part of the grieving process. If your emotions are becoming too much, our aftercare support team is here to help.

Our goal is to assist adults and children in the coping process and to help them understand their grief by:

  • Providing education on the process of grief
  • Creating a safe environment for healing
  • Offering an opportunity to explore and articulate feelings and thoughts
  • Validating the uniqueness of each individual’s grief process
  • Facilitating the development of healthy coping and problem-solving behaviors
  • Stimulating personal growth and developing a support system
  • Encountering the celebration and memory of the life of the loved one and the relationship shared

Aftercare Programs

Our aftercare programs assist adults and children with the coping process and helps them understand their grief before, during, and after a loved one passes. All of our aftercare programs have a virtual option. Call 419-468-7985 for details.

Hope Central Adult Support Group

This group meets the second Tuesday of every month at Avita Home Health and Hospice at 6pm.

Hope Central Lunch With Friends

We are currently not doing Lunch with Friends lunches due to COVID restrictions.

An informal lunch with others who have experienced a loss. We meet at a local restaurant at noon the second Tuesday of the month. Call 419-468-7985 for the location.

STARS (Special Time to Always Remember)

A supportive, educational program to help children honor their loved one and learn about the funeral process.

Hope Quest Kids Camp

A summer day camp for campers ages 6-16 years old. Call 419-468-7985 for more details.

Individual Brief Grief Counseling

Our grief support staff members are available for individual brief support sessions upon request.